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"Main Offender" is a song from The Hives' second album, Veni Vidi Vicious, as the fourth track. It was released again on the compilation Your New Favourite Band. The guitar riff bears a similar resemblance to their previous single "Hate To Say I Told You So".

The song was also featured in a commercial for the lingerie-brand Agent Provocateur, which showed Kylie Minogue riding an electric bull in her underwear, with Main Offender playing in the background.

The song is featured as a playable track in music video game Rock Band, and was performed on stage by Harmonix Music Systems employees while showcasing the game at the 2007 E3 convention.

Track listing

  1. "Main Offender"
  2. "Lost And Found"
  3. "Howlin' Pelle Talks To The Kids"


The music video is shot in black and white, in harmony with their recurring theme, and involves them and some evil clones of them and a wooden horse. Early on in the video, mysterious manager Randy Fitzsimmons' hand is seen signing some sort of contract.

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